Our Team

Our team's goal is empowering cryptocurrency enthusiasts and traders for success. We know from our own trading experiences that the crypto market is fast moving which demands reliable data and tools. Our platforms provide content-rich resources that inform, track, and simplify the trading process with superior visuals displays. While each member has a varied skill set, we collaborate to offer a fast platform with advanced interactive features. We are a new site in active development, so we encourage feedback from users regarding features they desire.

John Barry avatar

John Barry

CEO / Co-Founder
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Alexander Barry

CTO / Co-Founder
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Max Zhakun

Software Engineer

Our Advisors

Our Advisors are some of the top performers to work and interface with financial trading systems. All have been significant contributors at the New York Stock Exchange, they fully understand how trading systems work and the features traders expect.

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Jerry Raio

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Harold Bott

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Warren Rosenbaum